Who like it

I from West Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk

all people here come from ukraine and russia.
its normal becouse game is in russian
old people from another part of Europe speak russian but young prefer english
it most international language

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i have question
how i spossible to sign up people who dont speak russian?
look on news. last is from march 2012
now we have 2019
7 years
in 2012 is write then translate to another language is almoust ready
almoust for its mean 3 months not 7 years


Да, молодец Пабло. Позволил почесать всем свое ЧСВ. Как там в бельгийском Житомире?

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Im affraid you mixed up subforum… again…
I’d like to remind you - here is the “English” sub on that forum.
So whats the point of your message?

Just look at that topic - English speakers community

Well, there is not a lot of demand for english version, which causes it’s development to be delayed, which in turn makes it harder to find foreign players.

If you write to support about game translation, it might help.

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i write and waiting for answer

But You still did not answer, where are You from.
Hungary? Poland? Germany?

you need read newspaper

there is no information in the newspaper about your whereabouts.

i sell right to article in newspaper to stanislawow

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Есть такое торгуется))) but Pablo sry, my laptop today went on repair , i will back on Friday or Saturday

If you have questions - write in private or here, i cant install discord on my smartphone

У меня винт походу помер, отдал ноут в ремонт сегодня, жду что скажут

I am first non russian speaking player since 2012

Смотри, Пабло, скоро надоест народу вокруг тебя носиться)

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why do you think this?

Пабло, а чем тебя гугл переводчик не устраивает?

i also use sometimes google translator
why you asked this?

Гугл переводчик позволяет общаться людям между собой, при этом не зная языка, я английский ну вот совсем не знаю, но это не мешает мне тебя понимать

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for me is ok but if you go on the street and want to talk with somebody who don tunderstand russsain?
then you dont use google:)