Who like it


thank you for answer in english
somebody who say that here is not english speaking player have right
game is only in russian so its dificult to play somebody who dont understand this langugae


Это практика и заодно тема на английском, которую потом смогут читать настоящие игроки, знающие английский и не знающие русского.


starsol are you speak english or only use google translator?


I’m Ukrainian speaker, but know English on upper-intermidiate lvl, i passed IELTS few month ago, and got 5.5 band score, i know, that’s not really good, but i’m progressing and trying to get 6.5 or more


i learn english in country where native language is french


That’s great, in Ukraine native languages are Ukrainian and Russian, but English - the biggest problem for Ukrainian people


are you want talk only english find me on discord
geneve #1572


Ok, wow - really good experience it will be


Yes… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Я в английском как собака.
Всё понимаю, а сказать не могу :wink:


Нормально :rofl:


u menia niet ruskich bukwow:)


Что что?)))) вот это поврот)


thank you for sign up on discord stanislawow


my russian is very poor


No! My english is very poor :slight_smile:


Hah… looks funny… The topicstarter has made that topic in English. So why we should answer here in Russian or smth else?
Yes, I suppose someone write here via Google Translate or other translator but whats the problem? The project officially works with English native speakers and that way to discuss it is perfect Example of our friendly behaviour. Why not?

So, finally, if someone doesnt like topics with english, ok, he has a choice.

@pablo you are welcome here. And Im sure anyone who has a possibility will helps you.


Sorry, I’ve tagged you by mistake. It was common message =)


Yes. Its true!


I understand


Sorry for my English, but… topic reminded a joke:

- How much time now?
- Five o’clock!
- So much?
- For whom how.
- MGIMO finished?
- Ask!