Who like it


Probably. But Im sure - the En chating (or speaking) with mistakes (or isnt fully correct) much more better than not chating (or speaking) at all.
Anyway nobody can speak fluently without that “chatting with mistakes” milestone.

So, just do it! ©


@pablo, don’t worry, be happy ))) i can help you without translator, you have my contact - write on discord or here, you are welcome :slight_smile:


Super game, real, the best in the network. Not necessarily every day to pay attention.


@Lord_Vitinari you have right. People should trying to learn many language not use only native language. sometimes if you know few word in another language life stay easier


stanislaw are still here?




Hi. I am active every day


Good day. Hey. To me. I have been playing actively lately, the game is quite interesting. Now I often go, develop clones.
Are there any questions about the game? Could suggest something if needed.


By the way. Do not be surprised that so few people responded. Not everything is on the forum, and not everyone comes every day.


I agree with this statement.


is here something like bank to borrow money


Officially, it’s prohibited because of high risks of cheating. But there is an option to make a deal with a particular bank using your negotiating skills. As far as I know, some bankers might agree to lend you some for instance if you’re a regular customer.


Every Sunday, you have a chance to win 5 gold on radio, or 1 every day, use it, so possible moment. To addition, you can win some gold on special events, for example competition


what i must do to win this gold?


Ok, my message was deleted, write me on discord


Ahahahah, Pavel, really nice conversation)


Hi, Pablo. Nice to meet you.
I like the game, and I am active almost every day.
But I have no possibilities to be online the whole day.
I play the game for quite a long time.
This way I can be usefull sometimes.


nice to meet you Kristo. I play few similar game but all(without this) have possibility play with English( you choose language)


Nice to talk with all people here
thank you for all who write here


Where are you from, Pablo?